How do I use the monitor in the remote?

What is the monitor function?

The monitor allows you to see the same video as played on the device. You can see the video in different layouts by pressing the buttons in the corner of the monitor screen
How to use the monitor function?
1. Select the device you would like to view

Top right of the remote
2. Press the play button (as with a normal session)
3. You can set the monitor to full screen and toggle between layouts
How to use the monitor with a VR Sync box?
1. Load the video to the device you use as a remote (computer, tablet or smartphone). You can simply place the video in any folder you would like.
2. Open the remote
3.  Click on the icon in the bottom left corner of a piece of content.
4. Select the video.
Ready to go!

My content is not playing?

The content in the monitor is streamed to the web browser. This may not work when your internet connection is slow. It will also not work when the pieces of content are not hosted in the content manager. In those cases it is advised to provide the content to the monitor by selecting a local file. This can be done by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of a piece of content. This will open up a file selection screen. The content will now be played locally.

My content is choppy in the remote but works fine on the headsets?

The remote works in a browser. Browser in general can process less high video quality then VR headset. Please try to upload a local file with less high video specifications or make use of the Windows player (link)