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  • Does VR Sync work on Mac?

    The VR Sync application is currently Windows only. So in order to load the app and video's onto a device, you will need a Windows-based pc or laptop.
    Once the content is on the devices however, you can use the Web Remote (found on the VR Sync Dashboard website) to control the video playback from any device, including Mac and mobile devices, as long as they have a modern internet browser.

  • What type of content is supported?

    VR Sync Supports:

    • Monoscopic 360 video
    • Stereoscopic 360 video
    • Spatial audio
    • 360 photo

    Video specifications:

    Codec: H265 or H264
    Resolution: 3840x1920
    FPS: 30
    Bitrate: 16 Mb/s
    Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe (see Facebook Spatial Workstation at 44.1kHz)

    Photo specifications:

    Codec JPG, PNG
    Resolution: 3840x1920
    Note that performance may vary depending on the device brand, hardware and software. We recommend testing your content thoroughly on each device to make sure it's supported on your platform of choice.

  • What is included in the VR Sync box?

    The VR Sync box contains hardware to set up your own local VR Sync network. Usually this means a router and one or multiple access points. These are set-ups we usually ship, depending on your needs.

    VR Sync Box S (max. 50 users) €350

    • VR Sync Server module
    • Draytek Vigor2133AC

    VR Sync Box M (max. 100 users) €1.050

    • VR Sync Server module
    • Draytek Vigor2926
    • Ruckus R510

    VR Sync Box L (max. 200 users) €1.750

    • VR Sync Server module
    • Draytek Vigor2926
    • Ruckus R510 x2

    VR Sync Box XL (max. 300 users) €2.450

    • VR Sync Server module
    • Draytek Vigor2926
    • Ruckus R510 x3

  • How can I pay for my license?

    We currently support the following methods:

    • Credit card
    • Bancontact
    • Sofort
    • Multibanco
    • Przelewy24
    • EPS
    • iDeal
    • Giropay
    • Sepa Direct Debit

    If you would like to pay by paypal or bank transfer please send us an email.

  • Which platforms are supported?

    VR Sync supports the following VR platforms:

    •  Android Phone (Cardboard) *
    • Oculus GO *
    • Samsung Gear VR *
    • Google Daydream *
    • Windows 10
    • Oculus Rift
    • HTC Vive
    • Vive Focus
    • Pico VR *
    • Lenovo Mirage

    * Available in store

  • Do you offer non commercial business (personal) licenses?

    No, all prices for business as well as personal are the same. Contact us for a custom offer.

  • Can I Sync 2 different types of headsets (i.e. Rift & GO) at the same time?

    Yes, you can add as many different types of devices to the connected devices by entering your pin.

  • What kind of internet connection do I need?

    For VR Sync to work not a lot of bandwidth is required. We do however need a reliable and relatively low-latency network for a smooth session. We've experience with using VR Sync over 4g and it definitely works.
    But don't expect all devices to be in harmonious sync since 4g can sometimes introduce latency in the connection. If you do want the session to be in perfect sync we recommend a VR Sync box. Which is basically a server you can attach to your network's router.

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