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  • Which platforms are supported?

    VR Sync supports the following VR platforms:

    •  Android Phone (Cardboard) *
    • Oculus GO
    • Oculus/Meta Quest 2 & 3
    • Windows 10
    • Oculus Rift
    • HTC Vive
    • Vive Focus
    • Pico G2*

    * Available in store

  • How do I go back to the PIN screen in the VR Sync App?

    Press the button on your controller or headset ten times very fast. If you are using the windows client, press escape and select Back to PIN.

  • Can I extend my license to a longer period?

    To extend your usage you can purchase a new license from the license page. Just make sure the start date starts one day after the current license's end date.

  • Can I rent or buy VR devices from you?

    Yes, we have Oculus GO as well as Pico devices and Oculus Quest units which you can rent. Please contact us for more information.

  • Is there a maximum number of devices which you can connect to VR Sync?

    The number of devices you can connect depends on your license. You can see the maximum number of devices you can connect on the license page.

  • Can I monitor which content is being played?

    Yes, there is a monitor screen available on the remote page so you can see which content is being played on each device.

  • How do I start and stop playback on the devices?

    First, start the VR Sync application on the devices and enter your pin.
    Second, go to the remote page on the VR Sync Dashboard.
    Third, select the devices that you would like to start and stop playing.
    Fourth, select the content and press start.

  • Is a background image or logo required?

    No, you can use our standard ‘universe’ background or simply define a single color in the content manager.


How do I use the monitor in the remote?

Upload your content

How do I use an SD card with VR Sync?
How to manually preload your content
How to copy VR Sync files from one device to another

Organization Manager

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Manage organization user's content
How to share VR Sync features


How do I use VR Sync Analytics?

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How to install VR Sync on Oculus GO or Gear VR using a redeem code

VR Sync Box

How do I prepare my VR Sync Box for remote support?
How do I use my VR Sync Box?

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