How to copy VR Sync files from one device to another

The VR Sync Content Manager allows to upload content to the VR Sync Dashboard, which will be downloaded on your devices when you enter the PIN. Sometimes, the internet speed is not fast enough to download content files. You can choose to manually preload your device, read more on this subject here, or you can fetch content on one device and copy those files over to another device.

Required hardware

To copy files over from one device to another device you need a computer and a compatible cable to connect your device with.


  1. Start VR Sync on one of your VR devices.
  2. Enter your PIN and wait for the fetching to be finished.
  3. Test every piece of content to see if it is downloaded and configured correctly.
  4. If every piece of content is able to play, connect the device to a computer.
  5. Go to the internal storage of the connected device.
  6. Look for the VRSync folder and copy it to your computer.
  7. Wait until the file transfer has completed successfully.
  8. Check if the copied VRSync folder contains the following files: manifest.json, settings.json, and a folder named Cloud.
  9. Connect another VR device that is not preloaded yet.
  10. Go to the internal storage of the connected device.
  11. Copy the folder over to the device.
  12. Make sure the folder is placed in the root of the file system. If the VRSync folder is in a sub-folder, it will not be compatible.
  13. Wait until the transfer has completed successfully.
  14. Start VR Sync on the newly preloaded device.
  15. Test your content to make sure the copy was successful.

Things to look out for

  • The content that is displayed on your computer when you connect your device might not be the actual content. Some VR devices do not update their storage when connected to a computer. To force a content update, disconnect the device, restart it, reconnect it.
  • If the device that you use to copy the content from is not preloaded correctly, you will copy the mistake over to the other devices. So make sure to check the first iteration of copying to make sure there are no errors.
  • Make sure the VRSync folder is in the top level of the internal storage. To make sure it is on the right level, make a screenshot of the internal storage of the device where you copied the files from.
  • Do not change any file names or extensions.
  • If you change something in the content manager, all device that have a copied folder will update to accommodate the changes.
  • The Lenovo Mirage is not compatible because it does not support file browsing via a computer.


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