How do I use an SD card with VR Sync?

Version 3.2.0 introduced SD card support to VR Sync. If your device has an SD card slot, you can use an SD card to load content from. This is useful for expanding the storage space and quickly swapping files on a device.

Before starting please check if the VR Device supports SD Cards. At the time of writing most Android phones as well as the Pico Goblin devices support external storage. These steps will help you distribute VR Sync content on an SD Card:

  1. Connect an SD card to a computer.
  2. Navigate to the SD card.
  3. Make a folder on the SD card named VRSync. (case sensitive)
  4. Make sure the VRSync folder is on the root of the SD Card, which means that it is not in a folder.
  5. Select the content you want to use and make sure it has the right name. The naming conventions of local content can be found here.
  6. Disconnect the SD card.
  7. Put the SD card in your VR Device.
  8. Start VR Sync. If VR Sync was already running, go back to the PIN screen or restart the app.
  9. Go to the remote and check if the files appear.
  10. Play your content.

Please note that if you preload a file to the internal storage of a device it will be ignored if the id matches a piece of content on the SD card.


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