How do I prepare my VR Sync Box for remote support?

This guide helps you prepare for your VR Sync Box update appointment. If you have not made an appointment, please contact us.


Please make sure:

  • Your VR Sync Box is running and setup in the right way.
  • Your computer (preferably a Windows computer) has teamviewer installed.
  • Your computer is connected to the VR Sync Box network and your computer can connect to the internet.

VR Sync Support will connect to your computer and install two pieces of software used for diagnosing and solving the problem. To speed up the update process, you can install these two pieces of software beforehand.

Download Cmder

Download Cyberduck

How to connect your computer to the VR Sync Box and internet

Make sure your VR Sync Box is running and setup correctly. Then connect the Sync Box to the internet using cable. Make sure the cable is pluged in the blue socket saying WAN. Connect your computer either over WiFi or via cable to the VR Sync Box. Please check if you can reach the Web Remote page and reach the internet to make sure you have connected your computer and VR Sync Box correctly.

At the appointed time, please send your teamviewer ID and Password to the person you made an appointment with.

Please do not use the computer during the remote support session and please keep an eye out for any instructions, questions or messages from VR Sync Support during the session.


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