How do I use my VR Sync Box?

These are the general instructions for using a VR Sync Box:

Upload Content

First, you need to get some content ready for your VR Sync devices. Login to your VR Sync account ( and go to the content manager. Upload your content and make sure to publish the media you want to use.

Download the latest app

You need to install the latest version of VR Sync on your devices. Connect them to the internet to download and install the latest VR Sync client. You can find download links for all supported clients here: (

Preload your devices

After the content has been uploaded and the devices have the latest version of VR Sync installed, open the app on your devices and enter your PIN. Make sure the devices are still connected to the internet. The content you published will be downloaded on the devices, they are now ready to connect to the VR Sync Box.

Connect your devices

When your VR Sync Box is on, connect the devices to VR Sync Box network (password sdfghjkl). Open VR Sync again and they will automatically connect to the VR Sync Box. 

Control your session

To control your VR Sync session, connect to the VR Sync Box by opening an internet browser and typing
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or go to the support page (


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