Create and manage an organization

In these articles we will dive deeper into the different functionalities of the Organization manager.

VR Sync's organization feature enables you to manage multiple VR Sync accounts in one central place. In short, an organization has one administrator account. With this account you can manage users, manage their content, control their remote, manage their licenses and share branded remote / content links.

Create an organization

To create your organization you can click the Organization link in the menu and enter your organization name. This will make you the sole member and administrator of your organization. The next logical step would be to add your users.

Add users to your organization

Visit your new Organization page to see the list of users. You can add existing accounts as well as invite new ones. At the bottom of this page you will find an Add User button. Fill in the user's details to send an invitation to the email address. If the user has no account yet, the user will receive a email to register. After registering the user can directly accept your organization invite.

Note: The user will only show up in the organization once the invitation has been accepted.

The users will have the same functionality as a normal VR Sync account with the added benefit of you being able to manage and share it from your administrator account.

Manage Licenses

Your users will need licenses just like regular VR Sync accounts. The organization manager allows you to buy these licenses for them. Simply click the user in the Organization page and click Buy license. Make sure you select the correct License email and proceed to checkout as usual.

Remove the organization

Removing the organization will keep all existing users, and licenses but will disable inherited content as well as the administrator account features. All accounts will be functional as normal VR Sync accounts. To disable the organization, click here.


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