Manage organization user's content

In these articles we will dive deeper into the different functionalities of the Organization manager.

VR Sync's organization feature enables you to manage multiple VR Sync accounts in one central place. In short, an organization has one administrator account. With this account you can manage users, manage their content, control their remote, manage their licenses and share branded remote / content manager links

Manage content

As an admin you have the possibility to share content to all your organization users, or a sub-selection of organization users.

1. Publish content to your organizaton members

To get started, upload content as usual on your content page. After uploading your first piece of content, you will notice a new checkbox has appeared named Organization. Checking this box will make the content item visible to all organization users. All organisation users will see the piece of content in their content manager.

Note: To prevent unexpected preloading at your end-users, the content will not be published on the accounts.

2. Publish content to the user devices

To make sure the content will be pushed to the devices, you can view the user's content manager by going to the Organization page. Click the Content link of the user you wish to manage. This will open the member's content manager. Click Publish to publish the content to the user devices. Aside from publishing you can also upload content, edit content and determine the background as well as the logo.

Decide which user can view content

Sometimes you don't want to share all content with all your users. For example when you let your customers pay on a per-video basis. To hide content per user you can edit which content is visible to the member at the Organization page. Click the user you wish to edit and check or deselect the visible checkbox.

Note: Make sure to first check the organisation mark of the content items in your content manager. After that, you can decide which content should not be visible to the user. By default the content is visible to all the users.

Manage Remote and Analytics

To access your user's remote and analytics, you can click the user in the Organization page. Here you will find the links to view the analytics and remote of the user.


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