How do I use VR Sync Analytics?

VR Sync Analytics allows you to monitor your VR Sync usage. It will keep track of how many times you have played and viewed content, and the amount of connections.

What does VR Sync Analytics measure?


VR Sync Analytics automatically keeps track of the amount of connections. It will only track the peak amount of connections, meaning that if two devices are connected but not at the same time, the peak amount of connections is 1.

Play commands

The moment you press play, a play command is added to your Analytics. This will increase the amount of play commands sent and the amount of content plays for each content included in the playlist.


While the content is playing, VR Sync Analytics will track the amount of devices that are viewing the content. Once content is played on a device it will count towards to amount of views, even if it is just the last couple of seconds. Views are counted for each piece of content in the playlist.

How do I use VR Sync Analytics?

Range selection

At the top of the VR Sync Analytics page is a date range selection. This allows you to select a start and end date for your data.


The first part of the page is a summary of your selected data. It shows the peak of connections and the total amount of commands and views.

Session graph

The second part of the page is a graph showing your session data. This includes the amount of play commands, views and connections. You can toggle the lines on and off by pressing their respective buttons. By hovering over the graph, or tapping it on mobile devices, you can see an summary on the selected date/time.

Content graph

The third part of the page is a graph showing your content data. You can toggle between showing the amount of play commands and the amount views. Just like the session graph you can hover over the graph, or tap it on mobile devices, to see a summary on the selected date/time. Below the graph is a legend showing which color indicates which piece of content and showing its total amount of play commands and views.

Daily / Hourly

The scope of the graph is decided mostly automatically. When you have selected more than 5 days the scope will be daily, and if you have selected 2 or less days the scope will be hourly. In between 2 to 5 days you can toggle between daily and hourly scopes by pressing the buttons at the top of the page.

Need more help?

The help button on the Analytics page shows a FAQ.